about the festival

This year’s edition of Tabor Film Festival is its 15thanniversary. When we, as a group of enthusiasts, started the festival in 2003, we couldn’t even dream that it would one day become an internationally acclaimed and popular film festival. The best proof of this are more than 1,000 submitted shorts from more than 80 countries from around the world. Last year we diversified our music program, which will also be the case this year. When you add the beautiful medieval Veliki Tabor Castle and enchanting Zagorje region to the mix, it becomes clear why Tabor Film Festival has become essential for all art lovers and those who like to have a good time.

The film program of the 15thTabor Film Festival comprises of two competition programs in domestic and international competition, and additional film programs. In addition to the selected films, the visitors will get a chance to watch the best shorts selected from programs of the best international short film festivals. In the additional program we bring you a film retrospective of Slovenian director Špela Čadež, films selected by a member of the international jury Michael Pattison, films nominated for the European Film Academy awards, a selection of the best films from the KIKI festival, and the programs Sound&Vision, Zagorje Special and the Night of the Living Audience.
This year’s music program comprises more than 30 performers, DJs and live acts on 5 stages. Some of the performers who will have the honor to play at the 15thanniversary of Tabor Film Festival are: Urban & 4, Let 3, My Baby, Jimmy Stanić & Sexy Boys, Matija Svira Arsena, Kries and M.O.R.T.

This year’s edition of the festival also boasts numerous lectures, book promotions, exhibitions and workshops. Boris Jokić, one on the most important people of the curricular reform will talk about the future of education through film and music. Promotion of Zoran Grozdanov and Nebojša Zelić’s book Believing in dialogue will be an opportunity to talk about the secular and the religious and the book Horizons of Atheism: correspondence on religion, science and the meaning of life will be presented by Pavel Gregorić and Željko Porobija, two atheists from completely different walks of life. Artist Vanda Kreuz will present her work during her exhibition “The invisible light” and Vladimir Frelih and Dragan Matić authored the exhibition “Sifonija”. Drone filming and photography workshop will be conducted by Ivan Vidaković from HexaWorx, and the workshop on the basics of DJing will be conducted by the award-winning DJ Venom. Senegalese artist Commi Balde and Abi Seydi will hold the Afro Djembe Dance workshop and Iva Sirotić will be in charge of the morning No hangover Workout.

Rural household Grešna Gorica will provide the much-needed refreshment in the hot summer days in the form of tasty homemade food and alcoholic beverages. Those who enjoy the refreshments a bit too much will find the cure in Veronika’s Hangover Corner.

All in all, there are plenty reasons for you to join us from 6 July to 9 July in the Veliki Tabor Castle! We are looking forward to seeing you there!