Urban & 4
Damir Urban has ben present on the rock scene for more than three decades and does not need a special introduction. Along with his Four he will have his debut appearance at Veliki Tabor, and given his reputation an unforgettable evening with his hit songs „Mjesta za mene“, „Black Tattoo“, „Mala truba“ is guaranteed.

Let 3
How is it possible that a band who hasn’t released an album in a while can still fill every space they play at? The formula is rather very simple. Perform every concert as if it were your last and give the audience a show to remember. Let 3 in a medieval castle? Those who survive will tell.

My Baby
They just had to come to Tabor Film Festival. Straight from Amsterdam. In a very short time they have become a live concert attraction all around Europe. Their eclecticism and quirkiness turns every concert into a sort of ritual that you just have to attend.

Jimmy Stanić & Sexy Boys
Jimmy is 89 years old. Gentlemen, charmer and an unequalled old school smooth operator. A bit of jazz and a bit of jokes. Something to watch and listen with the utmost respect to his persona and creation. And there are the Sexy Boys as well. Musicians of the highest caliber.

Men from Sinj whose rock you feel in your blood and bones. They cut deep but it is impossible not to love them. Sometimes queasiness, sometimes pure love. That is M.O.R.T. You don’t want to miss that.

The biggest ethno and world music attraction in the region. Led by the charismatic Mojmir. Some call him a modern age shaman. Justifiably. And there is the band that will take you to yet unknown states of consciousness. Which is why they have the honor to be the festival hosts.

Matija svira Arsena
Matija Dedić plays his father Arsen’s classic hits. The album received 5 Porins and numerous other awards, and Matija himself is a guarantee of pianistic virtuoso. In the kind of setting that is Grešna Gorica he will provide an unforgettable experience to all admirers of Arsen’s opus and jazz.

They recently celebrated 20 years of playing. Five friends that have played together since their elementary school days. Since then they have gathered around them many other interesting musicians. You have never heard of subreggae? You have the perfect opportunity to find out.

Stray Dogg
A band that sold out small Lisinski hall with a concert to remember. Dušan’s dreamy vocals with an excellent and established band at the Sunset stage. A sunset you wish lasted forever.

Macedonians whose musical style is hard to define but easy to love. A pinch of rock, a pinch of funk, some bossanova and gypsy topped wih a contagious warmth thato oozes from the souls of these intriguing musicians.

Oridano Gypsy Jazz Band
Do you love gypsy jazz? How about Django Reinhardt? If you have answered yes to these questions you do not want to miss this concert. And if not, Orjen and his crew will make you change your mind.

Lovely Quinces
Very few singer-songwriters can step on the stage alone with a guitar and completely steal your attention and lead you to their world. This young lady from Split will do exactly that with her energy and charisma.

This British post rock/experimental quartet will have their first appearance at Tabor Film Festival. Their music and a video of a journey to space recorded by the Hubble telescope? Yes please!

Top notch musicians gathered in one place playing something they call „Organic Dance Music“? Hip shaking and dancing until the morning at the Veliki Tabor hill are guaranteed.

They often ask the question „JA oder NEIN“? When talking about the winners of the last year’s band competitition, the answer is always „JA!“. DISCOOOOOOO!

Dr. Smeđi Šećer
The most important thing is to bring your dance shoes. You can also dance barefoot if you prefer. Dr. Smeđi Šećer’s sets are a synonim for eclecticism, and yugoslavian funk fans will be especially pleased.

DJ Venom
Apart from teaching you the basics of Djing, Venom has been one of the greatest names of the Croatian DJ scene for two decades which shows in the numerous awards he received. Funky, Break, Hip Hop!

You never know where the trans-genre audiovisual journey with these girls will take you. You will probably want stay there as long as possible. Do not miss this!

The Ufoslavians
A duo from another galaxy that will take you to outer space with their one of a kind “ufoslavian” DJ set combining gypsy, ska, hip hop and cumbia.

Haris Pilton
Nomade from Ljubljana bringing with him a bag full of gypsybrass, reggae, dancehall and everything else that will make you dance ecstatically until the morning. PARTY!

Haiku Garden
These guys from Ljubljana are the winners of the Slovenian band contest and have attracted attention in a very short time. Lovers of quality shoegaze and indie will be pleased.

persons from porlock
Their debut album has been named the album of the year in Slovenia and they are one of Slovenia’s most popular alternative bands. Their neopsychedelic sound will reach its full potential at the Sunset stage.

All Strings Detached
Slovenian folk duo that sum up their music with „work ‘n’ roll“. Fans of minimalism and melancholy will find themselves in their music.

Achromatic Attic
Winners of the Croatian band competition. This alternative/garage quartet from Zagreb is often compared to the Arctic Monkey. Come and find for yourself why.

This medial audiovisual concept of Berin Tuzlić from Sarajevo will show you the best of drum jaying and video improvisaion. Lose yourself to dance and imagination!

J.R. August
It is a known question whether J.R August is the best fisherman among musicians or the best musician among fishermen. Jokes aside, the talent of this singer-songwrier was picked up by the guys from Coldplay which speaks for itself.

Porto Morto
8-piece band born from the Jeboton Kolektiv that has a very specific sound. You should definitelly check out why their debut album was named one of the best works in 2016.

Dječak iz Vode
Post rock duo that lightly deconstructs everything around them, and they are known to be very productive musicians. Their poetic sound will make you look at the Balcan everyday life through different eyes.

M.I.L.E. Is the DJ scene genie for almost 20 years with a wide-known genre diversity. He is also known for spicing up his DJ sets with his specific vocal.