DJ workshop

DJ workshop will cover all types of modern music mixing, starting from music selection, beatmatching, digital DJing (CD player, computer programs (traktor&serato), DJ controllers, effects and how to use them) to turntablism and competitive disciplines, such as beat juggling, scratch and creating a routine. The workshop will be conducted by DJ Venom, who was champion of Croatia several times and a two-time finalist of DMC World DJ Championship.

Applications for all workshops are mandatory until 5th July at the number of participants is limited.

Filming and photographing with drones workshop

HexaWorx was established in 2012 in Ivan Vidaković’s workshop. It was the first time that Ivan Vidaković was challenged with making a multirotor, today known as a drone. In time he was making more and more drones for different purposes, from the classic ones which could carry a GoPro camera to big systems used for industrial purposes. Two years ago he joined the CRAFT team from Zagreb. They are now working together in film production on specialist filming. Except for aerial filming for which they use special drones, they also use the cable cam system, rover which carries the cameras and special rigs which are used on vehicles.
During the education three very important aspects for anyone wishing to film in Croatia using multirotor systems will be covered. During the first part participants will be introduced to the systems, from the smaller to bigger ones, and how they can be used – depending of the theme or need – from homemade devices to advanced ones, as well as their possibilities. The following part will cover the legal framework and its application in Croatia, which permits one needs and what to focus on, how important are permits for filming. Safety when conducting flying operations will also be discussed. In the end we will talk about the practical part of flying with the systems which will be used during the workshop, which drone is best for beginners and what kinds of exercises to do in order to react properly when the drone starts to lose control. We hope that this lecture will introduce you to drone filming industry which is becoming more and more popular.

Applications for all workshops are mandatory until 5th July at the number of participants is limited.

Afro Djembe Dance workshop

As a part of the special program Good Hosts, Commi Balde and Abi Seydi, Senegal artists with a Zagreb address will hold an „Afro Djembe Dance“ workshop. They are both percussionists (djembe and soruba) and they perform rhythms and dances rooted in traditional african music. This workshop will teach you the basics for playing these instruments as well as the dance that goes with them. This will improve your sense of rhythm but also create an unforgettable sense of togetherness with all other participants.

Applications for all workshops are mandatory until 5th July at the number of participants is limited.

No hangover workout

No hangover workout is based on diverse morning exercises that will stretch your muscles and bones, and prepare you for the day to come. Some may have been sitting for too long, some didn’t sleep enough, and some are exhausted from the festival nightlife. At the morning exercise we will jump start our circulation through stretching and simple moves accessible to everyone, we will breathe through our lungs, and finish in peace and quiet during the last 10-15 minutes of meditation. We will perform the exercise barefoot or in socks, bring light and soft clothing. Leader of the morning exercise is Iva Sirotić, pilates and yoga instructor. The workouts will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 10:30h.