good hosts

“Good hosts campaign: Let’s support young artists without a home“

Welcome to a story in which at some point everybody gets the opportunity to be a good host.
At home, after a hard day’s work, everyone started thinking – Are You Syrious?, SOLIDARNA – Foundation for Human Rights and Solidarity, “Welcome” Refugee Support Initiative, and Coalition of Solidarity Split . Coalition of Solidarity Split saw the myriad of shades of colors merging into a picturesque landscape of possibilities. While listening to Kries Are You Syrious? dreamed of a creative meting point, and “Welcome” Refugee Support Initiative was watching the film Boundaries of Acceptance while eating dinner. SOLIDARNA was looking at photos of hosts from their travels. They met during one summer day’s high noon and started talking about colors, notes and ribbons as tools for creating a creative home. They were wondering: “What about creative people without a home? Do they have an opportunity for a creative home?” and so they decided to start a…

…”Good hosts campaign: Let’s support young artists without a home“.
In an act of solidarity 283 people provided guitars, amplifiers, keyboards and djembe, canvases, brushes and paint, cameras and camera lenses for 12 artists from Porin detention center and SOS Children’s village. This act of solidarity also enabled a number of creative workshops, as well as a creative camp for children and supported the choir Domaći Gosti.

Tabor Film Festival, famous in this area for being a good host, decided to offer its spaces as a meeting place for all good hosts. Hospitality for us and for you:
Film screening: Boundaries of Acceptance
If we want to accept new circumstances and different life stories, we often have to step outside our comfort zone. Many must cross their personal borders, both on the inside and outside. Can you cross yours?
Drumming workshop – Thursday and Friday
Join us and create a new zone of creative rhythm with us
Good hosts and even better guests’ exhibitions 🙂
Creativity and talent know no limits
Henna tattooing
Cooking presentation by Taste of home – Friday and Saturday
Come, see, taste!
Kindergarten – Friday, Saturday, Sunday; 14-20 h
Do you want to watch a movie carefree and be sure your children are in good hands? Stop by the children’s tent and relax. 🙂

In order to hear more, see more, taste and smell more visit our info desk and allow yourself to be a good host.