KIKI international film festival for children

FRI  /  7th July  / SAT /  8th July  /   11H

During the 15. TFF side film program we will show a selection of the best films from 6. KIKI, international film festival for children held in April 2017 in Zabok. During the KIKI program professional feature films, documentaries, animated and experimental shorts for children and youth will be screened, and the program is divided according to age into films for pre-school children (4 – 6 years of age) and school-age children (7 – 16 years of age). The decision on the best film is made by a children jury, and this years prize was awarded to „Ježeva kuća“ from author Eva Cvijanović. Special mentions of the jury were awarded to the films „Journal animé“ from the French author Donat Sansone and „Darrel“ from the Dutch author Marc Briones, that was also named the funniest film of the festival. The mission of KIKI festival is to develop film watching culture from children’s early age and building visual literacy in children, with a special emphasis on educational films that encourage children to think. KIKI is organized by Društvo Naša djeca Zabok and Građanska organizacije za kulturu − GOKUL