Michael Pattison / in a lonely place

FRI  /  7. 07. / 15 H / CINEMA RUSTICA
SUN  / 9. 07. / 18 H / CINEMA TOWER

In the cinema, sound and image trigger dormant needs, transporting us into realms of desire. How we envisage a space — domestic, urban, industrial, found — informs our capacity to shape, to modify and to inhabit it. Put another way, transforming the molecular basis of the world (emotionally, psychologically, socially, politically) begins with looking. And hearing: encoding new ways of seeing and listening into their very texture, these imaginative place-poems encompass a range of experimental modes in response to the inorganic and the natural, to the intimate and the panoramic.

In Black Rain White Scars, Lukas Marxt presents a steady-stare view of a downtown cityscape enduring extreme fluctuations in weather. In Catalogue Vol. 6, Dana Berman Duff reinvents pages from a mail-order catalogue as fragments from a domestic horror. In Imitation, Daphne Rosenthal interprets life as a tapestry of beautifully handmade abstractions. In Rust, Eloy Domínguez Serén excavates sonic archaeologies from the shadows of a disused factory. In The Trembling Giant, Patrick Tarrant reanimates the phantom energies of the American Southwest. In Snowbirds, Lorenzo Gattorna captures the quiet beauty of inter-seasonal shifts across a lush coastal geography. And in Gorse and Flowers, Lucía Vilela melds chimneystacks and verdant valleys into an invigorating percussive document of a regional landscape.


Crna kiša, bijeli ožiljci / Black Rain White Scars
Lukas Marxt – Austrija / Austria ‒ 2015. ‒ 9’ – eksperimentalni / experimental

A tripod-fixed city symphony and bewitching index of contrasts: natural and artificial, vertical and horizontal, stability and flux, city and suburb. 

Katalog br. 6 / Catalogue Vol. 6
Dana Berman Duff – SAD, Njemačka / USA, Germany 2017. ‒ 12’ – eksperimentalni / experimental

“Inch by inch, I’m disappearing in this house…” The sixth entry in Dana Berman Duff’s ongoing Catalogue series imposes sinister meanings onto the otherwise dead pages of a mail-order catalogue and the home furnishings they advertise. 

Imitacija / Imitation
Daphne Rosenthal – Nizozenksa / Netherlands ‒ 2017. ‒ 8’ ‒ eksperimentalni / experimental

Daphne Rosenthal turns her macro lens on the micro textures she builds. Familiar but abstract, the fabrics and structures seen (and heard) here precondition a retreat from urban flash: a new world viewed and inhabited in miniature form.

Hrđa / Rust
Eloy Domínguez Serén – Norveška, Španjolska / Norway, Spain ‒  2016. ‒ 14’ – dokumentarni / documentary

A site-responsive investigation of a disused factory, which gradually restores to its found locale — through its sound design, rustic palette and the wanderings of a collector of items — a sense of life: haunted.

Div koji drhti / The Trembling Giant
Patrick Tarrant  ‒ UK ‒ 2016. ‒ 20’ – dokumentarni / documentary

A nature documentary that reanimates the phantom energies of a violent landscape — Utah, in the American Southwest — by filming through the take-up reel of a 16mm projector.

Ptice selice / Snowbirds
Lorenzo Gattorna SAD / USA 2015. ‒ 8’ ‒ eksperimentalni / experimental

A delicate 16mm rendition of seasonal transitions and geographical journeys — and of the earth, sky, wind and sea — operating with a wholly effective looseness that allows space for us to make our own connections and meanings.

Žutilovka i cvijeće / TOXOS E FLORES / Gorse and Flowers
Lucía Vilela – Španjolska / Spain 2016. ‒ 4’ – dokumentari, ekperimentalni / documentary, experimental

A regional landscape animated by a percussive juxtaposition of those elements that define it: chimneystacks, building materials, felled trees, religious music and the shimmering green of verdant valleys.

All notes and programme by Michael Pattison.