Program by Olaf Möller

Program by Olaf Möller: The Great Different Morrows Show 
SAT  / 10. 07. / 15 h


The three filmmaker-artists featured here: Sarah Drath, Evamaria Schaller and Evy Schubert, are all old friends who have one important thing in common: a sense of cheek and vision so unique they seem to exist in a cinematic universe all their own – without knowing each other! And yet, the same sparks of inventiveness born from unpredictable reactions between Pop Art, Surrealism, Psychodelia and Camp animate their respective œuvres, seeing to works at the same time visually overwhelming while formally lean and clear, whose wit can be mellow going goofy – while their jest is acerbic and poignant. Also, they all work with one foot in another art: Drath with installation, Schaller with performance, and Schubert with the stage. They’re misfits, but not by design – they just happen to believe in political perspectives for which the current toolbox of art engagé has zero instruments at hand: Feminists of the playful variety concerned with creating alternatives that at times might feel outrageous but due to that always more appealing and engaging. And so, they create them on their own, taking their cues from their arts and others, while loving film and its potential for mass communication too much to be wilfully obscure. Theirs is the popular cinema of the future. Hopefully we’ll make it there in time!