festival rules


  • Veliki Tabor castle is a zero category monument and an invaluable treasure of Croatian cultural heritage. The object is under video surveillance. Any damage to any of the objects at the Festival location will be subject to compensation in the equivelent countervalue.
  • Visitors and their belongings will be inspected upon arrival to the Festival site.
  • The Organizers reserve the right to decline or forbid entrance into the Festival to anyone who might in any way endanger the safety of the visitors or cause any kind of problems regardless of ticket posession. We encourage everyone to report any improper behavior in good faith.
  • Visibly intoxicated individuals will not be served alcoholic drinks. It is forbidden to serve or consume alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 18.
  • The Organizer is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings.We encourage all Festival visitors to take care of their possessions and themselves, as well as other people’s possessions and safety, and not to leave their belongings unsupervised.
  • Refunds for already purchased Festival tickets will be possible only in the case of cancellation of the entire Festival event by the Organizer. The refunds will not be possible in the amount above the nominal ticket price, and a valid invoice for the ticket will be required in order to make a refund request. Costs including but not limited to delivery costs, agency commission, accommodation and other costs related to the ticket purchase will not be refunded.
  • In case of complete or partial cancellation of the Festival caused by force majeure (Act of God, fire, threat of war, order of local or national authorities, artist illness) outside the control of the Organiser, the ticket refund will not be possible.
  • The Organizer is not liable for any injuries, damages, losses or any other costs caused by force majeure. This applies to the Festival cancellation or shortening due to force majeure.
  • Tickets purchased for the Festival will be replaced at the Festival entrance with a wristband. Only Visitors with a valid festival or daily ticket wristband are allowed entry and movement in the Festival area. Festival wristbands may not be removed, cut, torn or damaged in any way or they cease to be valid.
  • The Organiser reserves the right to change the timetable and the lineup of the Festival without previous notice.
  • It is allowed to bring small bags or backpacks to the Festival site subject to a security check at the entrance to the site, cigarettes and lighters, smartphones, sunglasses, raincoats (umbrellas will not be available inside the castle).
  • It is forbidden to bring drugs and alcoholic beverages to all Festival locations.
  • Due to the possiblity of physical injuries it is forbidden to bring objects such as knives, bats, fire weapons and any other objects that may cause such injuries. All such objects will be seized at the Festival entrance ot the persons carrying them will be forbidden from entering the Festival site.
  • It is forbidden to build fires or barbecues anywhere in and around the Festival site; as well as to bring inflammable liquids or solids such as fuels, pyrotechnics, explosive devices, etc.
  • It is forbidden to to use electrical appliances such as fridges or any kind of cooking devices at the Festival site.
  • Loud music is not allowed due to the film projections taking place inside the castle.
  • Pets are allowed in all Festival areas except for the Veliki Tabor castle, but with permanent supervision by their owners.
  • Use of professional photo or video equipment is only allowed to photographers with an official Festival accreditation. It is allowed only to use mobile phone or pocket cameras. The use of drones is forbidden on the entire Festival area (except for the drone workshop), and for safety reasons selfie sticks are only allowed at the campsite.
  • Visitors agree to be photographed, filmed or recorded as part of the audience. All video, photo and audio materials acquired on Festival site is subject to be used in promotional materials for the Festival without any limitations of time and space and at the sole discretion of the Organiser.
  • Visitors park their cars at their own risk. The Organiser is not liable for any damage to the vehicles during parking use.
  • Merchandise sale (t-shirts, memorabilia etc.) will be organized at the Festival site. Merchandise sale without the agreement by the Organizer is forbidden.
  • Children under the age of 12, accompanied by an adult, are allowed entrance to the Festival venue free of charge.
  • Promotion by distributing flyers or other promotional material is allowed only with a prior written permission by the Organizer.
  • These rules are mandatory applicable to all Festival visitors.

We invite everyone to behave friendly and responsibly in order to provide an enjoyable Festival experience for everyone. Bring a lot of good mood and smiles with you and you will receive the same in return. 🙂